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Ensuring the highest level of security for your IT infrastructure and data.

Cybersecurity Risks

The Threat of a Cyber Attack Has Never Been Greater

In today's digital landscape, businesses face an increasing number of cybersecurity threats. With more organizations offering work-from-home options for their employees, it’s critical you prevent cybercriminals from accessing your network and obtaining your business and personal information. Cybersecurity should be your top IT priority.


Global average cost of a data breach in 2023 – IBM


of all SMBs were affected by ransomware  in 2023. - Datto


Average recovery time after a ransomware attack - Statista

Prevent & Prepare

Proactive Threat Hunting and Monitoring Solutions

An intentional and strategic cybersecurity program can reduce the risk of cyber criminals obtaining sensitive company information. As an IT security company, Everound works with small businesses and large organizations to help them keep their data safe and reduce their overall vulnerability and risk.

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Common Threats

Cyber Attacks Are Surprisingly Easy


Email Spamming

Email spam is unwanted or unsolicited email usually sent in bulk from an individual or group of individuals. These kinds of emails can contain links to email viruses can make your network vulnerable to attack.


Social Engineering

Cyber attackers rely on human interaction and trick users into performing a certain task. Social engineering cyber criminals often pose as C-suite executives and request employees provide sensitive information or perform a certain task. Popular social engineering attacks include asking employees to purchase gift cards or other items, change passwords, or even pay fake invoices.


Email Phishing

Email phishing is a type of a social engineering attack that can be used to steal user data such as passwords or financial information. Phishing isn’t always limited to emails, though, and can be text messages or instant messages. Employees should report phishing emails immediately to their IT department or IT cybersecurity consultant using a formal incident response protocol.



Malware is threatening software that is designed to attack and infiltrate computers and computer network systems. Examples of malware include viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware. Cyberattackers try to trick users into opening attachments or links that contain malware through email scams and other social engineering tricks. Malware can be prevented using security platforms and threat detection programs.

Get Protected

Everound Cybersecurity Solutions

Everound offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your network and data from being hacked. We also provide monthly support and maintenance packages to keep your information technology up to date, your employees trained and informed, and your company safe from cyber threats.

Network Security

Everound offers comprehensive network security programs designed to prevent and protect companies against corporate cyber attacks. Network security focuses on how devices such as computers interact with each other. Network security programs include firewall security, data loss prevention, cloud security, and IT access management plans.

Email Security

The average office worker receives more than 100 emails per day and of those, nearly half are spam. Email security programs help reduce the risk of an employee accidentally installing viruses or other malware into your network. Everound offers email security products to deter email fraud, email scams, and email viruses.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security, or endpoint protection, is the approach to securing and protecting devices that are connected through a data network. “Endpoints” are the devices that each of your team members use such as desktop computers and laptops. Endpoint security software protects these devices from threats and risky activity. Everound can implement an endpoint security program at your business using cutting-edge software and technology.

Dark Web Monitoring

The “dark web” is a hidden network of websites that contain sensitive information about individuals and organizations. If an organization has ever been a victim to fraud, or an individual has had their identity stolen, it’s most likely the result of cyber criminals sharing sensitive information on the dark web. Everound can monitor the dark web for your business and prevent cyber attackers from exposing sensitive company information.


Find answers to common questions about our cybersecurity services.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity involves safeguarding your digital assets—like customer data and company finances—from unauthorized access. It employs techniques and tools to shield computers, networks, and data from cyber threats. Using security protocols and encryption, cybersecurity ensures the privacy and security of your information, protecting it from falling into the wrong hands.

Why is cybersecurity important?

A cyberattack can cause chaos, data loss, financial hits, and reputation damage. But with strong cybersecurity, organizations can reduce these risks, keeping operations smooth, data safe, and trust intact with customers and stakeholders.

How can I improve cybersecurity?

Improving cybersecurity requires a team effort, beginning with your employees. Hackers often target employees as the weakest link in a company's defenses, so educating them about potential threats is crucial. Additionally, consider hiring a cybersecurity expert to assess your current IT infrastructure and identify vulnerabilities. Their expertise can help strengthen your defenses and protect your business from cyber threats.

Is cybersecurity worth it?

Absolutely! Cybersecurity is crucial. It shields your sensitive data, finances, and reputation from cyber threats like data breaches and ransomware attacks. By investing in cybersecurity, you maintain operations, customer trust, and prevent financial and legal consequences. Although there's a cost, it's minimal compared to potential losses from an attack. Prioritizing cybersecurity ensures your business's long-term success and resilience in the digital age.

Is cybersecurity expensive?

The cost of cybersecurity varies depending on factors like the size of your business and the level of protection needed. While there's an investment involved, it's often less than the potential losses from a cyber attack. Plus, investing in cybersecurity measures can save you money in the long run by preventing costly breaches and downtime. Overall, while there's a cost associated with cybersecurity, the benefits of protecting your business far outweigh the expense.

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